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About LaRouche South Africa

South Africa has a mission in the fight to save all of Africa and the world from an intended global genocide initiated by empire of money, controlled by the old British Imperial elite and its lackeys, including the current President of the United States, Barack Obama.

We are part of the BRICS nations–Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa–which represent almost half of the world’s total population. As the empire of money of the trans-Atlantic financial system collapses into total bankruptcy, the BRICS represent the seed crystal of a new, just world order—a community of principle for cooperation and development among truly sovereign states. With powers of the decadent collapsing system hurtling the world towards a possible thermonuclear Armageddon, which reduce the world to rubble and possible extinction of the human race, we must dedicate ourselves to fight for this new system based on peace and development. The spokesmen for this collapsing empire, including His Royal Virus, Prince Phillip, have made it clear that they will continue to try for genocide on a scale that would have made Hitler blush with envy, to eliminate by any means possible–war, famine, disease and enforced poverty– 6 billion people, including virtually the entire population of Africa. We have become expendable, as if human cattle in a herd, that our would be masters say they cannot sustain.

The movement of Lyndon LaRouche, the world’s leading economist and the American statesman, has fought against these beastmen of empire and the evil, genocidal intention for more than half a century. We believe than men and women are not mere beasts, who can be culled and slaughtered, but are uniquely creative beings, created in the image of maker, and charged with the responsibility to participate in the continuing creation of the universe. To do so, all of humankind must be enabled to become truly human, to exercise our powers of cognition and creative reason. Each must be enabled to see himself or herself as a shepherd of all. That is the principle that defines progress for a community of nations in a new world order based on the common aims of mankind.

For this, there must be abundant, cheap energy and productive work available for members of every household as we build our way to higher and higher levels of material and cognitive-poetic existence for all of our people. Industrialization and nuclear power development are indispensable requirements for this building process. Industrialization frees our people increasingly from manual labor, so that an ever-increasing fraction of our workforce can address higher tasks as engineers, planners, inventors, scientists, space explorers, artists, and visionaries.

If we choose to survive, we have no choice but to fight for this principle– the right to scientific human progress. The time has come to end once and for all the rule of any and all empires, and the beastmen who run them. We have reached a moment in human history where this is not only possible, but necessary. To achieve this we must not only fight evil of those would deny our creativity, and our humanity. We must fight against the darkness of ignorance and the “practical”mentality of people say that this can’t be done, who choose to be little people, lost in their greed and fears.

Are you willing to challenge what you believe, to discover what you need to know and do to survive? Are you willing to join the movement for a global revolution in the human spirit?

We seek for all mankind the same peaceful collaboration and harmony of interests that was the great vision of the father of modern South Africa, Nelson Mandela.

Welcome to LaRouche South Africa!