South Africa’s New Finance Minister: A Visionary—and a Statesman

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Executive Intelligence Review

Press Release

South Africa’s New Finance Minister:
A Visionary—and a Statesman

April 13, 2017 (EIRNS)—The man whom South African President Jacob Zuma has just made Finance Minister, Malusi Knowledge Gigaba, is a visionary and a statesman. The new issue of Executive Intelligence Review, dated April 14, reports Gigaba’s visionary statement from last August on how Africa will be industrialized through the BRICS process. (“South Africa Fights For Its Turn to the East,” pp. 43-47, ). But there is more.

Gigaba began work on March 31 by addressing Treasury staff. He reaffirmed his membership in the ranks of the world’s visionaries when he said: “The task before [us] is difficult, but in the words of the great Burkinabe leader Thomas Sankara, `Everything that man can imagine, he is capable of creating.’ ”

Sankara, an African hero and opponent of neocolonial rule, was President of Burkina Faso for 4 years until his 1987 assassination. (See 3-minute video on his leadership: )

In his speech, Gigaba also demonstrated statesmanship in the perilous context of the ongoing regime-change operations against South Africa. He declared, “I will focus sharply on the task of implementing the policies of the African National Congress, to better the lives of the majority of South Africans. … There needs not to be a contradiction between inclusive growth and radical economic transformation; there can be no economic progress that leaves the majority of our people behind.”

In this way, he implicitly declared his opposition to the policies of his Empire-oriented predecessors.

At the same time, he offered an olive branch to his predecessors and all other opponents—in the form of the principle of the advantage of the other: “While all the seemingly warring factions in our society today may seem to be polarized and pulling in different directions, we however all share deeply the interests of our nation and people, and seek, albeit in different [ways], what is best for them. I believe on that basis alone that it is possible for us to act in ways that set our disparate grievances and opinions aside and advance the common interests of all our people, especially the poorest of the poor. … What will build South Africa is for us to pull together and put the interests of all South Africans before our own.”

The mainstream media in South Africa have systematically misreported, and failed to report, what Gigaba said. The full text is posted on the official website of the South African Treasury:  (under date April 1).

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