EIR Releases Dossier on Third Anniversary Obama/Soros Nazi Coup in Ukraine: Demand Investigation of Foreign-Inspired Colour Revolution

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EIR Releases Dossier on Third Anniversary Obama/Soros Nazi Coup in Ukraine

Demand Investigation of Foreign Inspired ‘Colour Revolution’ Against Constitutional Government

            I want to bring to the attention of our government and the media the publication this week by Executive Intelligence  Review (EIR), whose founding editor is the American statesman and the world’s leading physical economist, Lyndon LaRouche, of a dossier on the coup that took place three years ago this week in Ukraine. Obama and Soros Color Revolutions–Nazis in Ukraine, 2014; U.S.A. 2017? cuts through all the lies emanating from the British Empire, its political assets and its press sewers to show that the coup was orchestrated by agents and assets of the British Empire, including former U.S. President Barack Obama and Empire assets within his Administration, with the Queen’s favorite speculator, the billionaire George Soros, providing the principal funding for the organizations that provided the infrastructure.

The coup itself is shown to be a ‘colour revolution’ whose intention was and is to create murderous chaos and destabilisation, and whose real target was and is the Russia of President Vladimir Putin. The so-called ‘democratic coup’ imposed a government dominated by actual swastika-wearing Nazis, who it was known would target Russian ethnic populations in Ukraine, and Crimea with genocide, forcing a Russian reaction which Obama and British have used to try to isolate Russia. The Ukrainian people are mere disposable pawns in the larger British game of geopolitics.

The facts of the Ukraine case, ably laid out by my friends at EIR, have utmost relevance to the events taking place today in our country. We too have been targetted by these same networks for colour revolution and regime change because our government has dared to take steps away from the dying City of London/Wall Street trans-Atlantic financial empire, and align South Africa with the new economic paradigm led by China and Russia, the ultimate target of Ukraine’s Nazi colour revolution. Now these same bastards including the former President Obama, the British Empire’s favorite ‘house nigger’, are attempting to lead a colour revolution against the new American President Donald Trump.

My friends and associates in the LaRouche movement this week organized on Feb. 23 an ‘international day of truth’ to tell the world what really happened in Ukraine three years ago and to demand that Obama and Soros, who has admitted to working for the Nazis in his youth, be jailed for their murderous crimes, the which have left tens of thousands dead in Ukraine alone.

It is urgent that effective steps be taken immediately against this ongoing and dangerous, foreign-directed destabilization, which why I have distributed EIR’s dossier to the Presidency, and to the Ministry of Justice and the Foreign Ministry, appending articles published in EIR magazine written by my good friend David Cherry, documenting the colour revolution underway against our elected government.

I call on the government to establish an independent commission of prominent jurists and individuals, with the full cooperation all parts of the government, including police-related authorities, to investigate what is an ongoing foreign-directed coup against our government, to recommend sanctions and other appropriate actions against all individuals involved. As Ukraine’s case demonstrates, we cannot afford any hesitation on these matters, lest the coup-plotters succeed, with bloody consequences.

I am sending EIR’s dossier and aforementioned appendix on the colour revolution plot against South Africa to the U.S. Embassy to be forwarded to President Donald Trump with the following urgent request:

President Trump: I ask that you authorize a thorough-going investigation of individuals and organizations, both inside the U.S. government and outside, especially those U.S.-based organizations associated with Mr. George Soros, regarding their involvement in coup and ‘regime change’ activity against the elected government of President Jacob Zuma of South Africa. I also ask that you to order all U.S. government agencies and individuals, including those associated with the U.S. State Department, and including left-overs from the Obama Administration, to immediately cease all support for regime change activities directed against the government of South Africa.

I strongly believe that members of the American government in the past, including President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton covertly supported regime change activities, the which constitute a horrible and illegal interference in the affairs of a sovereign nation. I suggest George Soros may be in violation of U.S. law which prohibits private individuals from conducting or interfering in U.S. foreign policy. If he did so at the behest of a U.S. government official, then that raises other interesting questions.

The actions I suggest, Mr. President, are in the real interest of the people of the United States and your stated wish to seek peaceful and mutually beneficial relations with all countries, while respecting their sovereignty.

Ramasimong Phillip Tsokolibane
LaRouche South Africa

24 February 2017

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