Banking Cartel Caught in Treason vs. Our Currency

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Banking Cartel Caught in Treason vs. Our Currency

            An international banking cartel, including banks controlled by the British Empire and its Wall Street satrap, have been caught in flagrant foreign exchange currency warfare against our nation and therefore manipulating our national currency. That is the finding of an investigation conducted by the Competition Commission into operations of seventeen banks, operating as a cartel for over a decade to depress the value of the rand, and through such actions harm the general welfare of our people.

            Among the banks charged in the findings, which have now been turned over to the Competition Tribunal for prosecution, the penalties for which would include fines and possibly other sanctions, are: Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase & Co., JPMorgan Chase Bank, HSBC Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Standard Bank of South Africa, Barclays Bank, Barclays Capital, BNP Paribas, Credit Suisse Group, and Commerzbank.

I applaud the Commission for bringing these corrupt and dirty dealings into the light of day. And while, there may be substantial fines against these institutions, I must point out that in harming our nation these banksters profited far more than they will be fined. For them, the fines represent merely a cost of doing their corrupt business.

When a nation’s currency is speculated against, it creates chaos in the operations of the targetted government and businesses, especially those involved in international trading. This harms the entire economy, and through its effects, causes tremendous hardship of that nation’s citizens, including cutbacks in spending for all kinds of programs and employment. These speculations against the rand were not acts of some “rogue traders”, but company policy, so to speak, approved by the international executives of these banks. In recommending fines, the Commission, however, I say, stops short of holding these executives criminally responsible for their participation in a criminal conspiracy against our nation.

As the leader of the LaRouche movement in South Africa and being knowledgeable in the matters under discussion, I now make the following additional points, to bring these matters more clearly into focus:

1) These seventeen banks were not merely operating in the financial realm, making profit at the expense of our nation. They were actively participating in a British Empire directed destabilisation, aimed at ousting the government of President Jacob Zuma, as part of what we have identified as so-called “color revolutions”, promoting regime change. The chaos and economic hardship created by the currency speculators identified in the Commission’s report works hand-in-glove with the activities of various organizations that have been supported by the U.S. Obama Administration,  through U.S. State Department-supported assets, funded by the ill-gotten money of the billionaire British asset and currency speculator, George Soros. Their intention is to reverse the policies of the Zuma government that have rightly brought us into alignment with Russia, China and India, and the BRICS alliance for global development and prosperity. This is the true treasonous content of the banks’ policies.

2) One might speculate, appropriately, that while he was not named in the Commission’s findings, that Soros himself were likely involved in the currency speculation, as one generally finds him involved in all such affairs. I suggest that the Commission investigate the Soros connection.

3) My organization, the LaRouche movement, has identified these same banks, as also operating as a criminal cartel, laundering the vast sums of the international drug trafficking, and have been doing so for decades, with little or no efforts to stop them. It were likely, therefore, that drug-soaked funds of this drug trafficking are used in the currency speculation, as these funds co-mingle with the rest of the banks’ cash flows.

One is hopeful that the new American administration of President Donald Trump will halt support for all color revolutions, including against our country. Mr. Trump now finds himself the target of an attempted color revolution led by the former President Barack Obama and funded by the same George Soros who bankrolls the operations in our country against Mr. Zuma.

Mr. Trump has opened up a flank on the banks by calling for a renewed war on illegal drug trafficking, calling for international cooperation in the war. But there can be no successful war on drugs unless the money laundering machine run by the City of London and Wall Street is shut down. South Africa must join in this effort to purge the drug-soaked monies from the global financial system.

The Commission’s findings also make clear the need for a South African version of the U.S. Glass-Steagall law which would prevent speculative activities to be carried out by depository institutions. There is a renewed fight to reinstate Glass-Steagall in the U.S. It is hoped that President Trump, who endorsed such an action during his campaign, will lend his support.

While some sausage-like political figures who are the darlings of London prattle about pulling the charters of the banks in this cartel, they know they speak safely because they know this will not happen at this point.

I propose a different approach. Let us say clearly and publically: “We caught you bastards acting against our national interest. We know who you are and what you do. We are watching you. One more false step, and we will come for you and all of you will be thrown the hell out of here. You can run and hide under the Queen’s skirts. We have no intention of turning away from the East, from the new global paradigm supported by Russia, China and India. Your way, the way of the City of London and Wall Street, the old way of the British Empire, is finished.”

I believe that some in our government already think this way–and that must rightfully scare the living daylights out of these fellows.

Ramasimong Phillip Tsokolibane
LaRouche South Africa

21 February 2017


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