New British High Commissioner Leads Regime Change Effort

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Jun 22, 2017 2 Comments ›› LaroucheSA

You Are Warned!

 New British High Commissioner Leads Regime Change Effort

             As the leader of the LaRouche movement in South Africa and as a patriot, I issue the following warning: Beware Perfidious Albion! The Brits have deployed a specialist in regime change operations as their High Commissioner to South Africa.

I have received an intelligence memo, prepared by a qualified associate of mine, which details the career of Britain’s new High Commissioner, Mr Nigel Casey, who has been at his post here since at least April 18.

[See the memo at:

Mr Casey is a trusted operative of Her Majesty’s government, moving in his career as a diplomat through postings which appear to also include management of the type of covert operations which have been deployed by the Queen Bitch against the ‘troublesome’ government of President Zuma, with its visible support for the anti-imperial policies of peace and development espoused by both President Xi of China and President Putin of Russia. Most notable is Mr Casey’s role in an attempted regime change in Bosnia and Herzegovina while Ambassador there from August 2011 through January 2014; the fruit of his efforts was seen less than a month after he left, when bloody violence erupted in Tuzla. The Brits would like to engineer a similar result in our nation, plunging it into bloody chaos and making it ungovernable, as a way to stop motion in our country towards the new global order being ushered in by the Chinese and Russians, to replace the decadent and dying British Empire dominated global monetarist system.

The deployment of Mr Casey to South Africa is not surprising on a number of counts. For one thing, the Zuma government, whose leader the Brits privately (and occasionally, publicly), ridicule, has so far stymied an elaborate and continuing regime change operation against it. We have witnessed the open support of that regime change operation from the U.S. Administration of British asset Barack Obama. And we have been the target of the Nazi-loving billionaire speculator George Soros through his various front organisations. Now, with Washington moving in a different direction under the new American President Donald Trump, London must take charge of the regime change operation in its own name.

So much the better for patriots of this nation. It makes clear who we are fighting—the British Empire. It should give you further impetus to heed the call that I have been making for some time: that we finally take our feet out of the dirty backwaters of the British Empire, and move fully into the new expansive sea of change that is the BRICS alliance and China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Delaying such actions will only give Mr Casey and his minions more time to work their deadly mischief.

If there should be any surprises that open the door for regime change, lay the blame on Mr Casey and the Brits. But why wait for that? Far better, shut the whole operation down now! Pull out of the Commonwealth, and cut our ties with Perfidious Albion! You have been warned.

Ramasimong Phillip Tsokolibane
22 June 2017






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  2. […] If, as I suspect, President Trump wants no part of such interference in the affairs of a sovereign nation, then the American cover will be effectively ripped off, exposing the nasty British imperialists who have been running these operations for more than a century. The Brits will have to act from a more open and exposed position, for which they are preparing, as shown by the high-level qualifications of the new British High Commissioner, Nigel Casey, who has attempted at least one such coup in his recent past. (See my statement of June 22, ‘New British High Commissioner Leads Regime Change Effort‘. […]

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