President Trump Must Be Invited to Visit South Africa

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An Urgent Matter

President Trump Must Be Invited
To Visit South Africa

            I speak both as a South Africa citizen and an African, concerned with the immediate and future survival of our nation and our continent, and as the representative of the movement of that great American economist and statesman, Lyndon LaRouche, and his wife, ‘the Silk Road Lady’, Helga Zepp-LaRouche.

It is a matter of some urgency that the American President, Donald Trump, be invited to visit Africa. I urge President Zuma to extend the necessary invitation on behalf of South Africa, and all Africa, especially sub-Saharan Africa. The subject for discussion—and for resolute action—must be the steps immediately to be taken to move forward an agenda for African development consistent with the Belt and Road Initiative that was placed on the world agenda by the May 14-15 conference in Beijing organised by President Xi of China, and forcefully supported by President Putin of Russia, most notably, among other world leaders in attendance, and which included the participation of our nation and the United States.

For us in Africa, the success of the Belt and Road Initiative is a matter of life or death. We must begin now to reverse the effects of decades of economic imperialism, in which our continent’s resources have been looted and our people exploited as economic slaves by the great financial powers, led by the British Empire, its City of London, and its Wall Street satrapy. We have been raped by the Great Bitch, the Queen, and by her minions, including His Royal Virus, Prince Philip, who has, for his entire life, supported Nazi ideals that see Africans as racial inferiors, to be treated worse than the animals that his World Wildlife Fund for Nature protects from such ‘subhumans’—protecting the animals in preference to the people of Africa.

Yet, despite all the destruction and degradation, Africa and Africans retain a great potential to participate in a new era of peace, progress, and prosperity, to be ushered in as the New World Economic Order, for which Lyndon and Helga LaRouche have fought as warrior angels for the last half century. The New World Economic Order we seek is one committed fully to the deployment of the power of science and human creative reason for the benefit and profit of all mankind. It would mean the end of the British Empire and all imperialisms.

Many African leaders know that this glorious new world cannot come into being without the help and participation of the United States and the great American people. We need the help of America and the American Presidency to secure victory against the forces of evil organised on behalf British imperialism, with its treasonous American assets, including those assets who would eagerly replace President Trump in a coup, because he has dared to seek peaceful cooperation with Russia and China, just as these assets seek the elimination of our President Jacob Zuma, because he dares to stand with Russia and China, as a proud member of the BRICS alliance.

President Trump and President Zuma must usefully meet, and the American President must take immediate steps to halt the ongoing counter-deployments initiated under British asset Barack Obama who, along with the Nazi-loving financier George Soros, sundry NGOs, and other operatives that he backs and funds, have sought regime change in my country.

Should President Trump come to South Africa, he will have a chance to see for himself the great possibilities for development here and in Africa generally, but he will also witness the grinding, murderous impoverishment of our people imposed by the financial powers of London and Wall Street and their debt-peddling merchants of death. Let him tour our modern factories, which can produce the machine tools needed for grand development projects. Let him visit our scientific institutions, where we have made many breakthroughs in nuclear science and space technologies. Let him come to the townships, to see how ‘the other half’ lives—and dies—without work and in grinding poverty.

We reach out to America and President Trump, extending our hand in friendship, in hope that he will work with us to lift ourselves up onto a new economic platform coming into being, that we may play a useful role in the Belt and Road Initiative. Our great father, Nelson Mandela had a similar vision for our country and Africa. He reached out to the then American President Bill Clinton, but received in return only hollow words of support, but no actual help. Today, President Trump has the opportunity to reverse that error, and place America once again on the side of Africa against the ravages of British Imperialism, just as President Kennedy did in his all-too-brief tenure, just as Franklin D. Roosevelt did before him—only to die, leaving unfinished the task of ending imperialism.

I am reminded that 74 years ago, President Roosevelt first came to Africa. On his way to a war-time conference in Casablanca, Morocco in 1943, he stopped off in Gambia. The despicable conditions he saw there—after 200 years of British imperial rule—shocked him, and made him resolute in his determination that Americans would not shed their blood on behalf of such an evil, inhuman system, and that at war’s end, imperialism must end as well.

It is in the spirit of President Franklin Roosevelt that we ask President Trump to come to Africa, so that America can once again align itself on the side of justice. In so doing, he will honour America’s true heritage and the moral mission first elaborated by such great leaders as George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and Abraham Lincoln.

Come to Africa, President Trump, and change the world!

Ramasimong Phillip Tsokolibane
18 June 2017



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