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The Enemy Is the British Empire

 Only the Smart Will Survive

             I am pleased to see that President Zuma has prevailed against yet another attempt to oust him by the ‘regime changers’ controlled by the British Empire and its assets in our country.

Let me state again clearly, for all sentient people to take notice: the enemy of South Africa, its people, and the peoples of Africa, is the dying but unfortunately not yet dead, British Empire. That Empire—headed by the murderous and increasingly decrepit Royal Family and its bitch Queen—does not support any one leader here, or any particular group, but supports whatever it will take to deny South Africa its true destiny: to lead all of Africa out of the political and economic slavery of the City of London’s global monetarist system, and into the bright future of peace and economic development.

That is the future that our great father, Nelson Mandela, envisioned and as the great humanist and the world’s leading physical economist, Lyndon LaRouche, has fought to bring into being for more than half a century. I am proud to fight shoulder to shoulder with Mr LaRouche and his wife Helga Zepp-LaRouche, the world famous ‘Silk Road Lady’, for a new, just world economic order, in which humanity can finally rise to its greatest creative potential.

It is this new, emerging world order of peace, development, and justice for all peoples, that is the current, true enemy of the British Empire and its oligarchy. President Zuma, by throwing his support behind the initiatives of the BRICS nations—especially the China of President Xi and the Russia of President Putin—marks himself as an enemy combatant against the British Empire, whether he fully realises it or not.

As my associates in the LaRouche movement have made clear in published reports, it is the British and their assets, such a former Nazi employee and speculator George Soros[1] and former American President Barack Obama, who unleashed and support the ‘regime changers’ in our country, and elsewhere, including the attacks on the new American President, Donald Trump.

I warn President Zuma and all patriots who want to realise Mandela’s vision for our country and for peace and prosperity for this continent: You cannot both support policies such as China’s tremendous ‘One Belt, One Road’ global infrastructure development plan, and at the same time compromise with the British Empire and its so-called ‘Commonwealth’. The British oligarchs, however they may represent themselves, are like rabid dogs. They will infect and kill you, if you get close enough for them to bite.

Our nation is vital to the future of Africa in the emerging new paradigm coming from the East, which is embodied in the ‘One Belt, One Road’ perspective. Despite our current economic problems, we are the only full-set economy on the continent, capable of producing the machines—and the machines to make those machines, called ‘machine tools’—that make development feasible. The successful implementation of the plans discussed at the recent, worldwide Belt and Road Forum—held in Beijing, May 14-15—will result in the British Empire and its global imperialist system collapsing into irrelevance, not only in the economic sense, but in the reality of the current and future.

For our nation to function, we must have a functioning and capable Presidency, which can carry out such initiatives as are needed to implement the economic program of the new paradigm. As I have stated before, the British policy is to make our nation ungovernable, to destroy not only our President, but the Presidency itself. We cannot let that happen!

A skirmish was won, once again, this weekend, but the battle rages on. It will not end until we and the world succeed in thrusting the British Empire into the dustbin of history where it belongs. I stand ready to assist in all ways possible in this great cause.

But we must be smart. Know your enemy and you can defeat him. Strike not at phantasms projected from behind a curtain of lies created by the Empire’s media. Call our enemy by its right and proper name: The British Empire. Call its flunkies in our country the ass-lickers of the bitch Queen. Believe it or not, those simple acts will take us a long way forward on the road toward our ultimate victory.

Ramasimong Phillip Tsokolibane
LaRouche South Africa

29 May 2017

[1] To understand the full depravity of George Soros, see this three-minute excerpt from a 1998 interview with him:


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